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Post  Mai on Wed Apr 04, 2012 10:00 pm

Welcome, you have wondered over to my little Role-Play and seemed interested. Please continue to read if you are into these genres: Medieval Ages, romance, action, anthropomorphic/furry, and magic. If not, please turn away now.

In this world of magic and anthropomorphic/furries, you have wondered your way into a kingdom. In this kingdom the king and queen rule with an iron fist. If someone breaks the rules then they are banished from the kingdom or worse. The king is a cold fox with very little sight. The queen is a cold blooded leopard that's quite young.

There are many places to relax and enjoy life as well. You can find an inn that's quite crowded and many bars that you can see people walking in and out of. There are many places that one may enjoy themselves, but that's only the beginning.

There are many assassins out in the world too. There are many dangers due to the assassins in this world. There's one group that is far worse than the rest. The Fire Cats. They are what this world fear more than anything, even the king and queen.

The Fire Cats are a family of assassins who take pride and enjoyment of killing others. They never stop until their mission is complete.

In the Fire Cats there is a girl. She happens to be quite unusual. She's one of the few Fire Cats who happens to be quite bad at her job, even though she does enjoy it, to a degree.

This is her

Look, I got this as a commission as an animal, so don't judge her. :/ When I can get a picture of her in furry form then you can, but until then, don't. :/ Got it? Thank you.
~The Magical Furries~ Custom_adopt_kittygirlnya_by_xxstormys_adoptsxx-d4qemy4

This is her form:

Name: Mindary
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Age: 16
Job: Assassin
Elemental Power: Fire and Earth
Fighting Style: She prefers to use Japanese fans to create flames and blast them at others.

History: Mindary was born into a family of assassins and has grown up as one. She also has learned to fight using the Japanese fans that she got when she was at the age to join her family's business. She has had to kill many people and over the years, she's learned not to fall in love with anyone, even if she wants to. She has had to kill a girl she fell in love with, she didn't realize it until shortly afterwards telling the girl she was in love with her. Ever since then Mindary has avoided trying to find love with anyone, even though she wishes she could.
Personality: Mindary is very cold and doesn't trust anyone well. She does have a soft spot for flowers, but she has learned that it is not worth trying to fall for anyone.

If you wish to join, please follow these steps:

1. You must not God-Mod.
2. No killing off characters, just random villagers cause they don't matter and that's just the assassin's job.
3. No being a Fire Cat. That is only Mai and legendA's job. The Fire Cats belong to Mai and that's that.
4. No more than 2 characters per person.
5. legendA is a moderator here so if she says something you must obey. No 'and's, 'if's, or 'but's.
6. No double posting, that's a given.
7. This is a PG-13, so if an assassin kills, just state that. We are not going to go into a lot of detail. Thank you.
8. You must be at least anthropomorphic in some aspects. Please be at least a neko or full on anthro.
9. You cannot RP the king or queen, those are NPC's played by legendA and Mai.
10. You must have at least ONE (1) paragraph of history, do NOT half it.
11. Do NOT update your post, please repost your form if you have been asked to fix it up. Failing to do so will result in being ignored.
12. Do NOT double post, unless you are bumping the thread after a week.
13. Treat others with respect, we do NOT want any rude comments.

I hope you enjoy this Role-Play.

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