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Post  Mai on Mon Apr 09, 2012 6:32 pm

legendaryA wrote:Name: kaie
Accepted into our RP Anthro_Cat_Male
Sex: male
Sexuality: strait
Age: 16
Job: assassin

Elemental Power: ice

History: was Mindarys friend as a child when he reached 12 her father, who still didnt trust him, put him through a bunch of test, all of which almost killed him. when he passed them all her father adopted him in there family. as a result he doesnt really like her father but would never go against him.

Personality: carefree

good thing i kept this in a text file on my desktop.

Terrashark wrote:Accepted into our RP Anthro_Ninja_by_Fyre_Dragon

Name: Professional title is The Gushter(GUSH-terr), her real name is Lacerta(lah-CER-tah)

Sex: female

Sexuality: Demisexual Panromatic

Age: 18

Job: Private investigator/assassin

Elemental Power: Earth

Fighting Style: She tends to use more long range tactics, like ninja stars and sniper rifles. But she’s also dexterous when it comes to close range. With nunchucks and a sword, she has many different ways to fight. She’s not very skilled in hand-to-hand however.

History: Lacerta had a normal childhood. Two siblings, a sister and a brother, and both parents alive, together, and not banished. She’s very independent and didn’t want to take anything from her parents or siblings even if she could give it back later. When she moved out prematurely at 15 due to normal teenage problems she had barely any money and started working for gangs to keep herself afloat. They paid her a portion of whatever they got from robberies or muggings, and she eventually made her way up to the second in command. After a while being a gang member got boring and she started her own business as a private investigator for people that felt like they were being targeted. If clients pay extra she’ll go one step farther and eliminate the threat. The Gushter came from something she overheard about different languages. Apparently gushter is Bulgarian for lizard, her species.

Personality: Lacerta is very independent. She will never ask for favors and enjoys doing things for others. As long as it’s in her moral and ability. She’s not to overconfident, but she does take pride in what she does. She compares herself to the Fire Cats constantly to improve her work. When faced with a situation that involves soft words and caring actions, she’s lost and stands off to the side. Four years of gang work and assassinations have left her with no room for friendship, although she does try to make some. She’s not very good with people and tends to frighten off clients that had considered her until they met her. Lacerta is very good at keeping a straight face in dangerous, scary, amusing, or embarrassing situations. If you make her crack a legit smile, it’s an accomplishment.

(( Dear lord I hope I did everything right. ))

Trinity-Amores wrote:Picture: Accepted into our RP Iaza13423620565700
Name: Trinity Amores. Nickname - Trini. Operative Name - Dark Shadow
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual - but is leaning more to men. However, has a thing for anyone who is distant and cold towards him.
Age: 21
Job: Rogue Assassin, Tid-bits [AKA help with shopping, bodyguarding, etc.]
Weapon: [Put this in cus he has a lot...] Daggers, throwing knives, a katana, boomerang, sword, long-string bow, axe, glider (which also keeps him in the air ^_^) and of course a spoon.

Elemental Power: Wind/Air

History: In the small town of the Rogue clan... No sounds too clique...
The Rogue clan is usually made up of women; the men either gone, dead or stay at home fathers. It was rare to see a male be born in this clan but it was however possible. Trinity was born into a middleclass family; if that's what you call it when you live in the woods, his father missing. With three blood sisters and a half sister all older than him Trini felt he needed to live up to them. He needed to prove he was just as good as them. Of course, it was a custom for the men to help the women become warriors or assassins but never to help train them.

Trinity was an outcast when many his age; especially men, watched as he fought with his siblings. He did try and reason with them, mentioning that there were probably male assassins out there who would or could possibly kill their women. Finally one day his mother took him away and showed Trini the one thing he'll never forget. The old oak tree had scratches through, names of those who had died to save the town or on a mission. His mother pointed out one name; the only ever male name on that tree. It made sense to him - about why everyone was steering clear of him. Instead of the effect his mother thought it would have on him, Trinity fought harder and actually beat his sisters at many of the challenges. The leader had made a decision that he would become the second ever male assasssin.

Over time, Trinity worked missions and helping clients with certain problems - usually those of the stalker kind. He was fine until the biggest mission of his life came around. Trini had to kill a noble of sorts. A noble that was about his age at the time, male and a gorgeous little kitty cat. Trinity took his steps like last time, getting the noble to trust him. He didn't realise until a month later that he had fallen for the stupid cat. Tini told the other male of the dangers and the noble cat just laughed at him, telling him he already knew about Trinity's mission before lunging himself at the wolf and trying to kill him. Obviously Trinity had no idea what was going on before he was knocked out cold.

As he awoke, his heart tore as he saw the body of the noble cat. He hadn't killed him, he knew that. As he stood he noticed his sisters, all glaring at him. Trinity sighed. Rule number one: never get close to a mark. Of course he hadn't expected it but his sisters had not only murdered the cat but a part of him. After a talk with his mother and his sisters, Trini decided it would be better to go solo. He would still be part of the clan, just take his own jobs when he could find them and live outside the town.

Thus is where he is now [XD AMG I can't believe I typed all this out.]

Personality: Trinity isn't what people see him from the outside but rather he is actually a happy person and fun to hang around with. He can be serious at times, especially if he is working a job or the situation calls for it. Most of the time thought Trini will try and crack a joke at the weirdest of times; and god forbid he isn't exactly funny. He is a lone wolf on his missions and will take no ones help unless he is almost on the brink of death.

Deep down he probably isn't as secure as one might think; enjoying his job a little too much and then the after party. Usually he covers that with his go-lucky attitude or by flirting with some people; unless Trinity's really down in the dumps then food is his only comfort.

[BTW Mai it's Bella ^_^]

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